DB-Mobility – Interface

The biggest task today is the coordination and bundling of information. Services are no longer stationary. Man is thereby everywhere and always reachable through personalized and individual offers.

This Vision describes a restructuring of the Deusche Bahn Service. The services of DB is sharpened, bundled and depends on the personal time contingent of customers. Fundamentally the spended time is divided into areas.

This divides the DB-Stand to the express, service and consulting zones to efficient internal and also external processes. It has been designed as a decentralized, modular and flexible system that can be adapted to the individual needs of each train station.

The various structural implementation of the exhibits promote a joint effort based on an uniform digital interface. The information is brought to the customer and the Deutsche Bahn employees are acting as an assistance by using the new digital media. The DB is mobile and transforms to DB-Mobility.

Welcome to the DB-Mobility.